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Tamper Evident Lid Seals

Tamper Evident Lid Seals

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Liquid Ministry's Tamper Evident Seals offer a simple solution to provide quality-assurance for your customers and guests when using our sample bottles for commercial or gifting purposes. Without the need for heat or custom printing, these seals offer peace of mind when closing up your samples. 
  • After tightening the cap and writing your sample information on the seal, simple apply the seal to the top of the bottle's lid and wrap it around the lid and neck.
  • The seals require no heat to apply, and provide a permanent seal once put in place.
  • The seals have a narrow band on each side which provide visual confirmation that the bottle is still sealed. Upon opening the bottle, the bands will have broken, providing an instant visual cue that the sample bottle has been unsealed. 
  • Each sheet includes two extras to test your application skills and to make up for any mishaps along the way.


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  • 1. Center On Lid

    After writing your sample information on the seal and tightening the bottle's lid, center the seal on top of the lid.

  • 2. Fold Two Sides

    After centering, fold the two sides of the seal straight down the sides of the lid. Then fold the bottom flaps straight down the sides of the bottle's neck.

  • 3. Wrap All Sides

    After folding the the seal straight down on the lid and neck of the bottle, wrap the sides of the seal around the lid and neck.

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