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Liquid Ministry

Glass Dropper Accessory (For 2.4 oz bottles)

Glass Dropper Accessory (For 2.4 oz bottles)

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Introducing our Glass Dropper, designed exclusively for Liquid Ministry to allow for controlled application of spirits, essential oils, tinctures, or chemical products. 

This accessory fits securely to all Liquid Ministry bottles and has been engineered so that the end of the dropper tip rests just above the bottle floor – enabling the user to withdraw and dispense any liquid even as the contents are nearly empty.

Whether you need to ensure that every drop counts for your infinity blend, or you’re in the world of essential oils or cosmetics; this dropper is a great tool for precise dispensing.

  • Chemical safe glass and BPA-free rubber bulb
  • The ribbed plastic lid assembly is easy to seal and open on all of our 2.4 oz sample bottles
  • The entire dropper assembly is both BPA free and FDA compliant
  • Sample bottles sold separately
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